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New Montana Water Rights: Part III

August 15, 2023
Form 602: A Step-by-Step Guide Perhaps the most common and legally mystifying water right, 602 Water Rights are distinct from those discussed in Parts I or II of this series…

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New Montana Water Rights: Part II

August 1, 2023
Form 600 SW: A Step-by-Step Guide Obtaining any new Montana water right can be a daunting endeavor. Picture this: you've moved to Montana and you've found the perfect property (the…

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New Montana Water Rights: Part I

July 18, 2023
Form 600 GW: A Step-by-Step Guide If you’ve done your homework on Montana Water Rights, you may already know that to obtain the right to use water in Montana, you’ll…


What is Montana Water Law?

June 20, 2023
As Montana attorneys specializing in natural resource and water law, at Ferguson & Coppes we are often asked: "What is Montana water law? How do Montana water rights work?" In…